Squash StarDrill

Level-up your squash star-drills. This simple free assistant app will add some reaction training to your routine endurance drills.

Note the numbered corners of the court on the image above and memorize them. The app will call these numbers and your task is to run to the called position and back to the centre.

Just like in the actual game, you will have no idea where you go next. So no, it's not as easy as it sounds, however it does keep your brain on the edge throughout the pratice.


The very top line contains your drill setup. The number next to the green stick figure represents, for how long you'll be running back and forth without stopping. The next one is the long-awaited pause to take your breath. Finally the one next to the looping arrow shows, how many times this torture will be repeated. Tap the "tuning" icon on the right to set up the drill to your own comfort.

The next line is how fast the numbers will be called. Again, use the slider to fine-tune the speed to your own abilities. Note, that the interval will be 1/3 shorter if 4 follows 3 (and vice versa), as they are closer to each other.

And then you just tap "GO". You'll hear three consecutive beeps to indicate that the next run is about to begin, a ding will inform that it's time for a pause.

Feel free to turn the screen off while you're using the app, as it will force-keep the phone awake for as long as the drill is active.

Should you have any comments or suggestions – feel free to contact the developer any time.



Developed by R. Šulcs

Consulting by A. Pērkons

Voice samples by EnjoyPA under CC 0 licence